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Business Customer Benefits

As a business customer, you can use all the services below according to your company's needs.

Express Worldwide

For Business Account Holders Only

Economy Select

Special Delivery

Additional services for business customers only Private Customer Business Customer
Express Worldwide (air courier)
Special Delivery
Economy Select (road courier)
Atleast -40% discount (prices based on shipment volume and frequency)
With GoGreen Plus reduce emissions by up to 80% instead of 30%
Personalized shipping profile
Free e-commerce support by specialists
Free webshop smart-integrations
Personalized customs services
Personal account manager

  • Ship today -> arrives tomorrow
  • Market leaders: 60% share
  • 220 countries and territories

Rest of the world
  • Ship today -> arrives in 48 hours
  • 220 countries and territories
  • Place an order in seconds

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Electronic shipping solutions

DHL Express makes shipping simple and efficient for our account holders. From an easy-to-use online portal, e-commerce checkout integration or fully-integrated business solutions – we’re happy to discuss the right solution for you.


DHL Express Shipping online made easy. This solution allows you to create and manage all your DHL Express shipments from one powerful, online platform, with a single login. This means everything from international shipping to tracking and booking couriers can be done in a few clicks.

For Business Account Holders Only

DHL Express Commerce

DHL Express Commerce integrates with the biggest e-commerce platforms.. Including: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay and Etsy. This provides fully automated shipment creation at checkout, meaning your customers’ orders can be imported, managed and shipped fast and efficiently without any hassle.

For Business Account Holders Only


Your in-house systems fully integrated with DHL Express. This solution combines the benefits of DHL Express with your in-house shipping processes. Integrating into your website, it connects with your existing order entry, warehouse management and other business software systems to help you run a more streamlined and efficient operation.