GoGreen Plus

Sustainable aviation fuel: Your path to greener credentials!

What is GoGreen Plus?

DHL Express has recently launched GoGreen Plus a dedicated solution to help businesses reduce the carbon emissions associated with their shipments through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

SAF is a biofuel that is produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats, waste products, and agricultural crops. SAF is specifically designed to be used as a substitute for traditional jet fuel and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuels.

By offsetting, you compensate the CO2-emission outside of your own company. For example by planting trees. By insetting via GoGreen Plus, you directly reduce CO2-emissions of transportation within your own supply chain.

In MyDHL+ environment you can invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel to reduce 30% of your shipment’s carbon emission by one clickgogreen plus

DHL Express’ Sustainability Targets

Clean operations for climate protection

Target >30% sustainable aviation fuels blending by 2030.

Electrify 60% of last-mile vehicles and grow sustainable fuel share in line-haul to >30% by 2030

Starting in 2021, carbon neutral design for all new buildings

Offer green alternatives for all of our core products/solutions

Why it is - Now More Than Ever – important to focus on sustainability

We’re extremely passionate about sustainability at DHL. Not only are we fervent about driving sustainability within the logistics industry, but we’re also working hard to help our customers improve their credentials too.

Your Environmental Footprint

The difference between scope 1, 2 and 3 footprint - What are other companies doing

The Green House Gas Protocol Corporate Standard classifies a company’s GHG emissions into three 'scopes'
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Scope 1 overs direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

Scope 2 overs indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heating etc. consumed by the reporting company

Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company's value chain, including downstream transportation and distribution
The Green House Gas Protocol Corporate Standard classifies a company’s GHG emissions into three 'scopes'
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The biggest Scope 3 emission comes from transport and distributions. Companies rely on a complex logistics and delivery network. Freight, delivery and packaging form the three main elements of an e-commerce company’s footprint
The example of pure-play e-commerce company home24 shows that Scope 3 emissions - those that occur outside the organisation, e.g. in the supply chain - dominate the company’s carbon footprint.
Companies are under increasing pressure to report and reduce scope 3 emissions – and soon it will become mandatory
The global regulatory landscape has been shifting towards non-financial disclosures.

Which means that companies have to report on their emissions besides only their financial results, and there is an increasing pressure on companies to report and reduce their scope 3 emissions

How we can support you

Sustainable Aviation Fuel and offering Green Alternative Shipping Solutions

Reliably calculate your CO2e emissions

Carbon data based on latest global standards

Offset yourClimate Neutral Shipping CO2e emissions

through approved environmental protection programs

Absolute CO2e emissions reduction

Insetting represents the actions taken to fight climate change within its own value chain

The credibility that the entire process is verified by

an independent body accredited by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS)

SAF is the only Scalable solution for the next decades


Kerosene (normal jet fuel) is obtained from petroleum, but SAF is produced from alternative feedstock with an improved sustainability profile (e.g., used cooking oil, corn, waste, hydrogen or CO2 synthesis)

  • The chemical structure of SAF is similar to traditional fossil-fuel based jet fuels. This allows for the use of SAF as a ‘drop-in’ fuel, blending with kerosene in aircraft without any engine modifications. Current blending rates are capped at 50% due to legal obligations

  • SAF can effectively reduce lifecycle emissions of typical aviation fuel emissions by up to 70-80%

  • SAF reduces other harmful emissions like particulates and Sulphur by 90% and 100% respectively

GoGreen+ Pricing
The base price is the market value of the carbon emissions that are removed. This is called the abatement price and this is the cost of reducing 1 tonne of Co2e, caused by transportation.

  • The cost premium of SAF is taking into count. In other words, the difference between fossil fuel and SAF
  • CO2e abatement cost = "Sustainable Aviation fuel costs - minus conventional fossil fuel costs" divided by "Co2e savings from using Sustainable Aviation Fuel"
  • The GoGreen Plus charge in 2023 is 325 EUR / tonne CO2e
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You can invest with us in SAF via our GoGreen+ service
And actively reduce your scope 3 emissions Your company decides how much they would like reduce their CO2e and how much to invest into Sustainable Aviation Fuel

  • DHL Express will use the contribution to invest into SAF and an independent auditor will annually verify the emission reduction value of the purchased SAF, as well as verifying all of their investment has been exclusively used for SAF
  • Your company will receive a certificate with the emission reduction value which can be used to reduce their own Scope 3 footprint
  • We offer flexible billing options (lump sum or a ‘per KG’ charge)
  • Complementary Carbon Footprint reports
DHL Express has announced two of the largest ever sustainable aviation fuel deals with BP and Neste, amounting to more than 800 million liters

  • CO2e savings on a lifecycle basis estimated to be equivalent to annual greenhouse gas emissions of approx. 400,000 passenger cars
  • Landmark deals mark major step towards Deutsche Post DHL Group’s goal of using 30 percent of Sustainable Aviation Fuel for all air transport by 2030
The Book and Claim methodology...
Book & Claim allows to de-couple specific attributes (e.g. Environmental benefits) from the physical product, which can be transferred seperately via a dedicated book & claim registry.

  • Under book & claim, a specific quantity of SAF can be ‘booked’ in one location and then ‘claimed’ at another location that is not physically linked to the original one
  • Via the acknowledged Book & Claim methodology, we can offer GoGreen Plus from any location in the world, irrespective of where we purchase SAF
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We can help you shaping your sustainability roadmap

Most companies are choosing a gradual approach for their reduction pathway

You don’t need to reduce 100% of your emissions overnight. Choose a gradual approach that fits with your CO2e reduction plans and with your budgeting requirements.
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